Research Experience

Principal Investigator

June 25 2018


Prospective randomized trial of standard antibiotic with and without Pepto-Bismol treatment for C difficile patients.


INCB 18424-267 : A Multicenter Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebocontrolled Phase III Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Elafibranor in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatits (NASH) and fibrosis.


SP304203-06 – An Open Label, Long Term Safety and Tolerability Study of Plecanatide in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation (IBS-C).


Double-Blind Placebo Controlled One Year Study of Twice Daily Oral Rifaximin in Active Moderate Crohn’s Disease – Salix


Long Term Registry Study Assessing Safety and Efficacy of in Moderate to Severe Ulcerative Colitis – Abb Vie


Phase IIb study with Tofacitinib in Moderate to Severe Crohn’s Disease -Pfizer


Phase III study with Tofacitinib in Moderate to Severe Ulcerative Colitis – Pfizer


Immunoglobulin/Anti-Toxin Therapy in Chronic C. Difficile-Merck


Phase III study with Oral Rifaximin in IBS-D- Salix


MLN0002/Vedolizumab in Moderate to Severe Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis – Takeda/Millennium


HALO/Radio Frequency Ablation in Barrett’s Esophagus interventional Registry – Covidien



  • Lymphocytic Colitis mimicking Hyperplastic Polyposis syndrome Hospital Medicine(SHM)
  • Recurent abdominal pain in young female “annular pancreas” NYACP
  • Use of curcumin in achieving clinical and endoscopic remission  in Ulcerative colitis, Meta Analysis.


  • Can use of scribe bring efficiency in a busy GI Lab ACG
  • Allopurinol Induced Granulohepatitis ACG
  • Pembrolizumab associated colitis ACG


  • Comparison of PCR based and Histology/ Immunohistochemical(IHC) testing for H.Pylori
  • PCR based testing(TZAM diagnostics) is Supiorior and Cost Effective for H.Pylori Detection than Conventional Testing Irrespective of PPI use


Stretta: Long Term follow Up

Parenymal Changes in Patients with chronic Pancreatitis and Pancreas Divisum


  • Dilated Ductus:Can CBD size be used as a predictor for CBD stones in with acute biliary pancreatitis.
  • Dilated Ductus:Can CBD size be used as a predictor for CBD stones in with acute calculous cholecystitis.


  • Howell needle biopsy yield in case of malignant binary structure
  • Comparison of Radiological,endoscopic and surgical treatments of pancreatic treatment pseudocyst.
  • Effect of exogenous pancreatic enzyme supplementation on results of secretin test.
  • Correlation between Intraduodenal (IDUS) , Intraductal(IDS) Secretin tests,ERCP and CT findings for diagnosis of Chronic Pancreatitis


  • Osteoporosis in IBD patients: Is it neglected problem?
  • Pancreatic Ductal pressure: A potential surrogate maker for pancreatic sphineter of Oddi dysfunction (Oral presentation)/Oral Presentation at DDW.
  • Endoscopic trans-pancreatic ampullary septotomy for inaccessible obstructed bile ducts: Comparison with standard pre-cut sphincterotomy
  • Success rate of minor papilla cannulation in patients with pancreas Divisum.
  • Correaltion of Abnormal ERCP findings and secretin tests in Pancreas Divisum.
  • Diagnostic value of CBD and Peak pressure in patients with Group II sphincter of oddi dysfunction.
  • Needle knife sphincterotomy in Inacessible obstructed bile ducts:A 15- year review.
  • Occult pancreatic carcinoma,Role of EUS with patients presenting with Obstructive jaundice.
  • Occult pancreatic carcinoma in the absence of Obstructive jaundice:Role of EUS.
  • Staging Accuracy of pancreatic Carcinoma: Influence of Systematic”Videotape” review following initial “real time” assessment.
  • A comparison of the diagnostic accuracy of EUS and ERCP in identifying common bile duct stones.
  • EUS guided fine needle aspiration in private practice setting:Global assessment of accuracy and compilation.
  • Factors and influence accuracy of tissue sampling in pancreatic mass lesions:An EUS-FNA study.


  • “Is ultrasound guidance worth using for percutaneous liver biopises” Restrospective study to compare the diagnostic yield and safety of percutaneous liver biopises with or without ultrasound guidance- Abstract ACG.
  • “Would open access endoscopy lead to unnecessary procedures”Comparison of yield of open access vs. gastroenterology consults guided procedures-DDW/Aurora Scientific Day
  • “Yield of Endoscopy in patients on anticoagulation ” Retrospective study to compare the yield of endoscopy in patients with or without anticoagualtion and to look at the morality of patients on Anti-Coagualtion not undergoing urgent endoscopy-Abstract ACG.
  • “Diagnostic Value of AST , ASLT  , Amylase and Lipase in differentiating Gallstones from alcohol induced pancreatitis”Retrospective study of patients presenting with Gall stone or alcohol related pancreatitis – poster presentation at ACG
  • “Is Hot Biopsy associated with a higher rate of complications than snare polypectomy?”Retrospective study to compare the rate of complications between Polypectomies done by Hot Biopsy Forceps and Snares-Poster Presentation at ACG /Poster Presentation at Aurora Scientific Day.
  • “Management of Chronic Constipation in a Community Hospital”Retrospective study of patients with recurrent visits to  hospital for chronic constipation-Abstract at ACG.
  • “Is mortality of acute alcoholic hepatitis still high”Retrospective study to look at the mortality of acute alcoholic hepatitis in patients with high DI and use of Steroids-Poster Presentation at DDW.
  • “Reassurance Value of Negative Endoscopy in Dyspepsia” Prospective study to look at the impact of reassurance after negative upper endoscopy patients’ symptoms and health anxiety behaviour
    • Selected for oral presentation for Plenary session at ACG.
    • Selected for oral presentation for Plenary session,Aurora Scientific Day May
    • Oral Presentation at ASGE Young Investigators meeting April.
    • Publication in APT
  • “Increasing the age threshold to 55 years in evaluating simple Dyspepsia” Retrospective study to look at the missing rate of upper GI malignancies if age threshold for upper endoscopy is increased to 55(ASGE rec.45)
    • Oral presentation SGE Practice management conference for GI fellows
    • Oral Presentation Aurora Scientific Day
    • Poster Presentation at DDW
  • “Tagged RBC scan in the management of GI bleeding”
    • Oral presentation at ASGE practice management Conference for GI fellows 2000
    • Poster Presentation at ACG Fellows Conference 2001
    • Poster Presentation at DDW 2001


  • “Value of Rome 1 criteria for diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome” Prospective Study of validity of Rome 1 criteria for diagnosis of IBS in patients with or without red flags.
    • Presented as poster at DDW
  • “Silent Entero-cutaneous Fistula, a rare complication of Gastrostomy  tube Placement” Case Report of previously never reported complication of PEG placement.
    • Published in “Gastrointestinal Endoscopy” (April 2001)
    • Poster Presentation at Aurora Health Scientific Day
    • Presented as poster for ACG Annual meeting
  • “Retrospective study of  H.Pylori related ulcer disease in inner city population”
    • Presented abstract at DDW
    • Oral Presentation on Aurora Heath Care Scientific Day.