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Our Effective way to cure Heartburn in Abu Dhabi clinic

We use Transoral incisionless fundoplication to cure heartburn ( acid reflux) or another gastroesophageal disease it’s the best minimally invasive treatment and practiced in outpatient settings.

Transoral incisionless fundoplication is done from inside your stomach and it is as successful as ARS procedure but much safe and will have fewer adverse effects on you.

its one-time solution so you never have to worry about heartburn anymore.

The procedure we use in TIF is- we decreasing the size of a Hiatal hernia less and equal to 2 cm, and create a length of 2-4 cm valve its circumferential wrap is greater than 270 degree.

that’s why this is the best option you find for treatment of heartburn in Abu Dhabi.

A Less Invasive Approach to Fundoplication

Fundoplication is 50 years old method for treating heartburn or GERD it is the very effective method.

People may confuse that it is similar to old fundoplication procedure which is done through the mouth rather than abdominal incisions or laparoscopy.

TIF procedure uses effective endoscopy to treat heartburns. Endoscopy gives the live view on a screen of an actual problem inside your stomach. First, you will be given the anesthesia; to make you relax then a flexible tube with a camera is introduced into your stomach.

Endoscope tube is retroflexed and to make the tissues distal to Z line, a helical retractor is used which leads to folded up of Stomach fundus and the distal tissue mold is also utilized by esophagus and device chassis.

This process will lead to locking of tissue manipulation, then to grasp the distal esophagus a suction apparatus is activated which position it in the cavity distal of abdominal. Then to esophageal(food pipe ) tissue and fundus tissue are anchored to repair, a fastener which is made up of polypropylene (H-shape) having a similar strength to 3-0 sutures is delivered. With the help of 20 fasteners this process it is repeated which create a gastroesophageal fundoplication with a partial circumference and make the fusion of fundus tissue and the food pipe(esophageal) which altogether makes the valve.

Evolution of the TIF Procedure

For curing heartburn in Abu Dhabi clinic, we have done a lot of iterations to make TIF the best way to cure the heartburn. Well, it was first originated in the United States and Europe and was known before as ELF (endoluminal fundoplication).

This 1st generation procedure and techniques were evolved to assess the practicability of the approach and was designed–first and foremost–to show how safe and effective it is.

At the time, investigators were involved with putting fasteners from the distal food pipe (esophagus) and elective instead to make gastro‐gastric plications distal to the junction of the esophagus. once expertise was gained with the primary generation procedure and devices, later iterations of the technique were pursued to a lot of closely replicate the principles and outcomes of old surgical procedures.

Adherence to Established Principles of Antireflux Surgery

Transoral fundoplication is intended to treat the symptoms of heartburn in Abu Dhabi.

whereas minimizing post-operative facet effects like flatulence. gas bloat and dysphagia,

The success of the Transoral fundoplication procedure is inspired from its foundation and it’s within the established principles of old entire flux surgery.

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