Ellipse Balloon Treatment

North American Gastroenterology is certified from Allurion Academy for its Ellipse Ballon Treatment for Weight Loss Program. The team of gastroenterologists participated in Muscat for the training program last week. It was a very pleasant & learning experience in attending the training program with the experts of Allurion Academy to get the advanced knowledge of Ellipse Ballon Treatment for weight loss program.

Now we’ve also started this program as a part of our services for assisting people in weight loss through this non-surgical weight loss treatment without any side-effects.

Ellipse Balloon Treatment

Ellipse Balloon Treatment for Weight Loss

In 2009, Dr. Shantanu Gaur & Dr. Samuel (Students of Levy started to research and a produced Ellipse Balloon, a bi-product of this extensive research process. After getting the CE certification mark in 2015 Ellipse Balloon is now available in the market of Europe and the Middle East.

Ellipse Balloon Treatment is a comprehensive 6-months weight loss program that includes counseling and coaching from an experienced physician and trained nutritionist. You can also use a connected scale and a mobile app to track your progress.

Concept of Ellipse Balloon Treatment

Ellipse Balloon is a balloon which can be fit easily in the stomach without requiring any kind of endoscopy, surgery or anesthesia for placement or removal. After placing this balloon this in the stomach it makes the person feel full for a longer time therefore, he eats less than his actual hunger. It gets swallowed easily and after 4 months it passes out naturally without any special removal procedure. It is a very effective treatment for those who are obese or overweight/ suffering from problems due to obesity and want to get slim for a healthy life in a short span of time. Since excess body weight puts a lot of pressure on the internal organs of the body and affects their functioning.

Ellipse Ballon Treatment is, therefore, can be a better alternate solution for these people who have tried everything from diet to exercise but were not able to achieve the desired results.

The Functioning of Ellipse Balloon

Ellipse Balloon Treatment

How Ellipse Balloon Works?

The Ellipse™ inflatable is encased inside a capsule and is attached to a thin, flexible tube, long enough to stay outside the patient’s mouth once it is gulped. Subsequent to gulping, the Ellipse™ can be loaded up with 600mL of fluid in under ten minutes without the injecting anesthesia. When the filling is finished, the tube is evacuated by hauling it back through the patient’s mouth. Now, this empty balloon is small, adaptable, and smooth and soon gets out of the stomach and is discharged through the gastrointestinal tract. The Ellipse™ is designed in such a way that it can remain in the stomach for 3 months so, all in all, a self-discharging valve opens, enabling the Ellipse™ to empty.

Compared with the current age IGBs, the cost & procedure of Ellipse Balloon Treatment is much low and easier and can be even customized according to individual needs for weight loss. Both in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical testing on the Ellipse™ have been reported. In addition, a first-in-human pilot trial has been completed, demonstrating the feasibility, safety, and efficacy of Ellipse™ treatment.  Enrollment is ongoing to evaluate the Ellipse™ in larger cohorts.

Is Ellipse Balloon Treatment, the right option for me?

Ellipse Balloon Treatment is for those who want to lose weight before the operation for reducing their surgical risk, or it can also be used as a stand-alone, non-surgical treatment for reducing weight. However, this treatment is more time taking than the surgical weight loss method.

Am I eligible for Ellipse Balloon Treatment?

Ellipse Balloon Treatment is suitable for those who individuals who have their BMI between 27 & 35, are not suffering for any serious medical conditions due to overweight like- diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, joint pain, and depression. Not only this but also you need to be committed to eating less, making healthy food choices and making appropriate lifestyle changes like- incorporating workout sessions in daily routine or as recommended by your consultant.

Benefits of Ellipse Balloon Treatment

The main benefits associated with the ellipse balloon treatment is that it is less expensive than the invasive surgeries and avoids the complications of the invasive surgeries since it takes only 15 minutes under a mild sedative surgery. The ellipse balloon treatment takes only 15 minutes is temporary, offering support while you start to lose weight and become more active.

Risks Associated with Ellipse Balloon Treatment

While going for Ellipse Balloon Treatment, you should not ignore the risks associated with it like- bleeding or perforation can occur during the process of the balloon insertion or removal. Gastric problems, nausea, and vomiting are common in the initial periods after balloon placement but it does not remain in the long run. You may also suffer from the heaviness in the abdomen, abdominal and/or back pain, gastro-oesophageal reflux (where stomach acid leaks out of the stomach) or indigestion. Although rare, leakage or deflation of the balloon could occur.