Get the best treatment for Constipation in Abu Dhabi

  • Looking for the best clinic for constipation in Abu Dhabi? Visit North American gastroenterology, here Dr. Abdulhadi  Quadri will take care of your as he is the director of North American gastroenterology and selected 3 times in a row by Jacksonville magazine as the Top Gastroenterologist in the world. For his amazing work, American College of Gastroenterology awarded him with prestigious Lawlor Award. He is having the 25 years of gastroenterology experience and making the constipation problem out from Abu Dhabi.

What Is Constipation?

  • Constipation means when hard to pass or infrequent bowel movements (less than 3 bowel movements in a week) with a lot of pain and you have to put a strain, Constipation is basically the cause of bad eating habits and it totally depends on what you eat. its normal to have constipation but If you are having for a week and found blood in stool so, you must have to consult a doctor, we provide the best constipation treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Reason of Constipation in Abu Dhabi

First, you have to understand constipation is not a disease, it happened by:-

Poor Diet

  • Most of the time when people came for constipation cure in our Abu Dhabi clinic we find that they did not eat enough vegetables, fruits & whole grains it made the stools hard & difficult to pass.
  • A sudden change in diet is also the reason for constipation as we are not habitual to certain food and spices


Some time medicines can also cause constipation they have a different chemical substance which sometimes not get gel up with our digestive system

  • Many medications can cause constipation.
  •  Some examples of medicine that can cause constipation are:
    – Pain medications.
    – Some antacids.
    – Antispasmodic drugs, which suppress muscle spasms.
    – Antidepressant drugs.
    – Tranquilizers.
    – Iron supplements.
    – Anticonvulsants, for epilepsy.
    – Anti–Parkinson’s disease drugs.
    – For high blood pressure and heart conditions- Calcium channel blockers.

let us know it if you have constipation after eating these medicine or any other we will take care of it and take the right action.

So for instant constipation relief just visit our clinic in Abu Dhabi-North American gastroenterology.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Irritable bowel syndrome the most common cause of constipation in Abu Dhabi and UAE it is also known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome- constipation or IBS-C
  • It is associated with more belly pain than some other causes of constipation.
  •  Visit for more information on IBS-C.

Poor Bowel Habits

  • Due to poor bowel habits like when you are busy and not to prefer to waste your time or sometimes when you are not comfortable in using public toilets.
  • After some time your urge to move the bowel ends. These continuous poor habits are sometimes the biggest reason for constipation.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

  • To easily pass the stool from your bowel muscles of pelvic floor responsible, when sometime they don’t get relaxed so it causes constipation, you feel like you have the urge but nothing comes out.
  • In our Abu Dhabi clinic we prove the best physical therapy to relax the pelvic floor muscle, so have a visit our therapy is best from other Abu Dhabi’s constipation clinic.

When to Call Your Doctor About Your Constipation

Most people have short periods of constipation at some point. Most of the time, it can be helped through diet, drinking more water, exercise and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. If you are feeling constipated, try those first.

If you have a short period of constipation it can be helped through drink more water, exercise & over the counter medications, But when you have constipation regularly then you should consult us some common constipation symptoms are:

  • If you constipation from last 3 weeks
  • If you are feeling bad and highly uncomfortable
  • While passing the stool you feel bad stomach pain
  • If from some time you noticed your stools are thinner
  • If you found blood in stools with rectal bleeding (blood in toilet paper) which doesn’t go away and come back often many times
  • If you have tired and week it can be the cause of anemia (low iron in the blood)

When you talk to your doctor, tell them about all medications, even OTC drugs, you are taking, as they could be a cause of constipation.

Please tell us if you are feeling any such symptoms we are here to prove you the best constipation treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Getting Tested for Constipation

We do the high-quality test in our Abu Dhabi clinic and can rightly figure out the adversity of your constipation.

If we found you are badly affected by constipation we do a certain test to give you the right medicine and treatment.

Some Common Tests

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • Stool test

Other Tests Your Doctor Might Do

  •  X-Ray

We do X-ray specifically of your belly to see the number of stools present inside your bowel due to constipation.

  • Lower GI Endoscopy
    – To better know about your constipation we do colonoscopy it helps us to find cancer in colon and disease like diverticular in your rectum and colon.
    – To get you ready for the colonoscopy we emptied the bowel by giving you liquid diets and laxatives you won’t feel any pain in colonoscopy so sedation is also given. We start the colonoscopy by placing the long flexible tube with tine camera inside your bowel.
    – Colonic transit time is done to find out stools transit time from your colon.
    – For the test you have to swallow a pill with tiny 24 pellets which we scatter in the large intestine after some days with one-two x-rays we try to see how many pellets are still inside your colon there are many different ways to do the colonic transit time we will try to find which will be best for you.

Less Common Tests

  •  Colonic Transit Time
    – This test can be done to find out how long it takes for stool to move through your colon.
    – For the test, you swallow a pill with about 24 tiny pellets or markers that scatter in the large intestine.
    After a few days, one or two X-rays are taken to see how many pellets are still in your system.
    – There are many ways to do this test, and your doctor will decide which is best for you.

 Anorectal Motility Study

– We do the best Anorectic Motility Study in our constipation clinic in Abu Dhabi if we found that you have pelvic floor dysfunction (after putting a lot of strain you couldn’t empty your bowel).

– With this test, we try to test the pelvic floor muscles and their movements and by placing a small tube inside your rectum, then we asked you to contract and relax the muscles the live data of muscles movement tracked which easily help us for giving you the right treatment.

Get the best Treatment for Constipation in Abu Dhabi

We give the best treatment for constipation in Abu Dhabi you first have to understand that There is varies bowel movement people have, so you have to first understand your bowel movement is it thrice a day or 3 a week find what’s normal for you and see if there any change took place our best treatment we suggest and perform in.

Daily Habits

We suggest People with constipation and irregular bowel habits take fresh fruits diet to eat a lot of veggies, drink 4-5 liter of water a day and regular an exercise is good to start.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Options

We also have also the other option to cure your constipation problem like giving you the pills powders, suppositories, and enemas we have brief all of them below:-

  •  Bulking Agents (Fiber)
    – The 1st option we have is making your stool bulky and bigger so that they colon contract by them and push it out for that we use bulking agents which pull fluid into your intestines and make the stool bigger. We suggest to you that you must take the bulking agents with a lot of water otherwise you bowel may block with them.
    – Bulking agents cause you bloating and little belly pain like:
    o Psyllium.
    o Methylcellulose.
    o Polycarbophil.
  •  Osmotic Agents
    – The 2nd  way we use to cure constipation in our Abu Dhabi clinic is to make your stool a bit softer, we give you osmotic agents that help to make the softer which make an easy bowel movement- The osmotic agent can lead to mineral imbalance and dehydration in your body so we take care of it when we give osmotic agents to older people and those suffering from heart and kidney problem.Examples include:
    o Miralax®.
    o Milk of Magnesia.
    o Saline laxative (magnesium citrate).
  •  Lubricants
    – We also use lubrication coat outside the stools which help to pass them out easily it’s the alternative to bulking agent method, we use medicine like:
    o Fleet® mineral oil enemas.
  • Stool Softeners
    – Just like Osmotic Agents, stool softeners also bring fluids into the stool which easily help them to pass out, stool softeners’ not give you the urge to empty the bowel rather it is recommended to those how don’t want to put any strain in bowel movement majorly at the time of childbirth and a surgery.
    Examples include:
    o Colace®.
    o Surfak®.
  •  Stimulant Laxatives
    -We also suggest stimulant laxatives it contract the intestines and move the stools out.
    Examples include:
    o Dulcolax™.
    o Senokot™.

Prescription Medications

If none of the over-the-counter (OTC) options help, you and your doctor may talk about trying a prescription medicine next.

If none of this above method worked for you then just simply visit our constipation clinic in Abu Dhabi.

  • Chloride Channel Activator (Lubiprostone)
    – Used for people with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) or in people with no known cause of constipation.
    – This medicine helps to put more fluid in your GI tract, which can:
    o Help with belly pain.
    o Soften stool.
    o Make it so there is less of a need to strain to pass stool.
    o Make it so you have bowel movements more often.
  •  Guanylate Cyclase-C Agonist (Linaclotide, Plecanitide)
    – Used for people who have no known cause of constipation or who have constipation that doesn’t go away for a long time.
    – This medicine can:
    o Help make it so you have bowel movements more often and regularly.
    o Help with belly pain.
    o Soften stool.
    o Make it so there is less of a need to strain to pass stool.

There are specific prescription drugs that treat opioid-induced constipation (OIC), such as naloxegol, naldemedine or methylnaltrexone. Your doctor can tell if these are right for you.


  •  If your doctor finds an issue with your pelvic floor muscles, he or she may prescribe biofeedback treatment of the pelvic floor muscles.
    Pelvic floor physical therapy, which can teach you exercises to retrain your body, may also be recommended.


  • If you are a candidate for surgery, your doctor will tell you about the benefits and risks.

Things to be Aware of with Constipation

Constipation is not a very serious problem but it is basically the alarm to many other hidden health related problems so don’t worry. it may be a warning of a serious hidden health issue, so be sure to tell your doctor about your symptoms.

Possible problems:

  •  Hemorrhoids (swollen anal tissue).
  •  Fissures (cracks in the skin).
  •  Bleeding.
  •  Fecal impaction.
    – This may come with the loss of control of stool, with liquid stool flowing around the hard impaction.
  •  Rectal prolapse.
    – This does not happen often.
    – Straining way too much can make a small amount of intestinal lining push out from the rectal opening.
    – This could cause mucus to come out and stain underpants.