At the end of your rectum, you have your anal canal where stools leave your body, here generally people get anal cancer is very uncommon to have but it’s widely happening in Abu Dhabi.
Rectal bleeding and pain in anal are common signs and symptoms of anal cancer.
We suggest and use chemotherapy and radiation to cure it. It helped a lot of people in Abu Dhabi.

Tests and procedures we use to diagnose anal cancer in Abu Dhabi

• Examining abnormalities in the rectum and canal of anal: – while digitally examining your rectal, doctor well insert a lubricated gloved finger into the rectum to find the unusual growth of cancerous tumors.
• Visual Inspection of the anal canal and rectum- To find anything unusual, the doctor uses a lighted tube and try to inspect your anal.
• Use Ultrasound to take the picture of your anal canal- what better than a picture is, it gives a true understanding of things, so similarly we use ultrasound to take the pictures of your anal, a probe is inserted in your anal just like a thermometer which emits high sound waves, these waves bounce off the organs, cells, and tissues and create an expected visual look of it, in picture form.
It easily helps to find the abnormality in the anal.
• Take samples for further testing- if we find anything abnormal in the above anal test and examines we will take the sample of it, samples are nothing but the small tissues of abnormal areas. We then, in our Abu Dhabi lab evaluate all the tissues under the microscope and determine their nature, are they cancerous or not.

Our recommendation to Abu Dhabi people after the confirmation of anal cancer.

After it confirmed you are diagnosed with anal cancer we recommend the additional test to our anal cancer Abu Dhabi patients, the test is just to find whether the cancer is spread in the other body parts.
Some major test are:-
• Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
• Computerized tomography (CT)
• Positron emission tomography (PET)
On the basis of these test, we will tell you at which stage is your anal cancer is, there are various stages to anal cancer it’s from 1-5, the lower it is the better and easy it is to cure. Cancer in the 4th stage means it largely spread to other areas and organs in the body.
Well, the system of stages in cancer is in constant evaluation and it is becoming complex day by day as doctors improve on its diagnosis & treatment. On the basis of your cancer stage, we will suggest you the right treatment for it

Treatment for anal cancer in Abu Dhabi

As we already said our treatment to anal cancer, all depends on which stage your anal cancer is but we usually suggest

1. Chemotherapy and radiation

We usually suggest and the combination of chemotherapy and radiation to cure anal cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment enhances another and increases the chances to cure anal cancer.

  • Chemotherapy– Drugs of chemotherapy is injected from your veins to the body it generally also taken as pills. It directly stops the growth of cancers cell and cures anal, but in this process, it also affects the growth of healthy cells in your body, like the essential cells in the gastrointestinal tract and hair follicles. The common side effects of chemotherapy are hair loss, vomiting nausea and loss of hairs
  • Radiation therapy– Well to cure anal cancer, radiation therapy is also effective for Abu Dhabi people. With the help of a high powered radiation beam that focused on the affected area of the body or anal canal. It kills all the cancerous cells. During the radiation therapy, you will be positioned on the table and the large machines move around your body specifically near your anal. The side effects of it are your healthy tissues also get damaged and you have skin redness, sores, shrinking and hardening around your anal and anal canal.
    For anal cancer in Abu Dhabi, radiation therapy goes for around five to seven weeks. The administration and examination of results for chemotherapy sees in the first week and the fifth and sixth week,

2. Surgery
We typically use and suggest different procedures to cure anal cancers, it’s all based on the stage.

  • Surgery for early anal cancer treatment:- to remove the cancer of early stages we suggest a surgery. It basically removes the tumor with small healthy tissue as it surrounds the tumor
    Due to the small size of cancer, a surgery is a very effective way to cure it but a special cure should be required, that it doesn’t affect the anal sphincter muscles, they are very important for the bowel movement
    After the surgery depending on the stage of cancer doctor suggest you the recommendation for the chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Late stage anal canal surgery if other cancer doesn’t get cure with other treatments. – if chemotherapy and radiation don’t cure your cancer or your cancer is in the last stage, so we recommend for extensive surgery or operation it’s also called an abdominoperineal resection, which is also known as AP resection. In this process, the surgeon removes your anal canal, the portion of the colon and the rectum. To get the waste out from your body surgeon will attach the remaining portion of the colon in your abdomen where it gets collected in a colostomy bag

Supportive (palliative) care
Cancer treatments affect the body harshly, well it all depends on the stage of cancer. So for fast and easily recover from it, we suggest Palliative care, it is a specialized care which is focused on providing relief from the pain and other symptoms of cancers. There is a specialist that assigned to you who will take care of you and gives extra support and complement.
Well we have seen for anal cancer in Abu Dhabi, people feel better and live longer
Palliative care is generally provided by the team of doctors, trainer, and nurses with the main focus of to improve the life and quality of living in those sick days
Alternative medicine
Anal cancer cure is limited to above-suggested treatment, so no alternatives medicine will work, but there are medicines which can cure the side effects of cancer and treatments, these medicines complement the doctor treatments and provide some kind of additional support and comfort
Some common side effect treatment for cancer.
Nausea — music therapy, hypnosis or acupuncture
Anxiety — relaxation techniques, massage, exercise or meditation, hypnosis or music therapy
Pain —hypnosis, acupuncture, music therapy or massage
Fatigue — tai chi or gentle exercise
Sleep problems — yoga or relaxation techniques
Well these options are generally safe and good for the patient of anal cancer in Abu Dhabi and they mostly won’t interfere with the cancer treatments

Preparation for anal cancer in Abu Dhabi.

If you feeling symptoms like
• Bleeding from the anus or rectum
• Pain in the area of the anus
• A mass or growth in the anal canal
• Anal itching
Make your appointment in our clinic we have specialized gastroenterologist which looks your problem seriously and suggest you the right treatment for it.
We will see all the possibility for your problem and if anal cancer is diagnosed will we cure it or refer to the best oncologist.
Appointment with us will be brief and a lot of understanding to be built with you and suggest you the treatment for it, we advise you to be well prepared.
So make your appointment in the best clinic for anal cancer in Abu Dhabi –North American gastroenterologycloud miningbuy essaysresume writing